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Notes on ordering, packing, and shipping pottery in the current COVID-19 climate.

Here are my procedures for handling and packing pottery orders in the current climate. I welcome any concerns/questions/comments you may have.

As my inventory was pretty depleted after the fall and holiday season of 2019, it’s a fair bet anything ordered now will be freshly made. When new work comes out of the kiln, it is as sterile as it will ever be, being fired to around 1945 degrees Fahrenheit over the course of several hours. When unloading and handling, I wash my hands and use gloves (a standard practice anyway, as the pots can be pretty warm!).

As of today, I still have a decent supply of packing material I acquired last fall, excepting the cardboard shipping boxes. As this material – bubble wrap, and packing peanuts – is machine made, I am confident that nobody but me has handled it directly, and me only with gloves. I don’t usually use Styrofoam peanuts, but a friend was closing her store last December and I purchased a few rather large old bags of it from her at that time, so this too is clean – if environmentally iffy. As long as supplies hold out I’ll use this material. But in the main, any newly purchased packing material will be handled similarly.

The main concern should be the outside of the cardboard shipping box. I suppose you could leave it sitting for a few days, or perhaps open immediately and store/dispose it somewhere apart.

In this I would advise following whatever directives offered by medical/scientific/local authorities who are doing their level best to actually address the current situation.

I can’t thank you enough for any continued interest and support. We are all together in this, and we do the best we can.

Take care and stay safe.



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The pottery shown in this on-line store generally represents what is currently available and/or being produced.  I may or may not have the items you’d like ready to ship immediately.  But if you need an order within a specific time frame,  please contact me before ordering to schedule an appropriate delivery time.  Otherwise, allow 6-8 week for delivery.

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